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Milburn Equine is a new age business that has been set up by a husband and wife team, who after years working within the equine field, wanted more for our four-legged friends.

More for our own horses, who are part of the family, a huge part of our lives, and social calendar, we thought that something was missing so, with many, many years of study, blood, (mostly Jenni's ! ) sweat and tears (again Jenni's) we have seen some astonishing results, and now with our modified traditional techniques, and with tonnes of new research from the UK as well as the U.S. we can bring our paradigm to you.

I have been horse mad all my life. From as far back I can remember all I ever wanted to do was to be around horses, whether it would be grooming, mucking out, riding, or even just watching them. I have owned three horses so far, two of which had terrible feet and dentistry problems! I was always searching for an answer but never got it. I was always told 'he just needs the sharp edges off' or 'he must always be shod'. Nobody ever suggested to me how we could solve the problem, but only offered reactive measures like more frequent visits. I was always told my horse just had bad genes/confirmation and that was that. I have tried every lotion and potion on the market, none of which seemed to make any improvement worth noting.

I decided to do my own research and had heard about many horses achieving high performance in the U.S. from just having specific oral biomechanic dentistry. Many professionals I spoke to were very negative and gave advice without understanding the theories behind it. Perhaps people are frightened to move away from tradition? I came across a whole host of different methods, some of which seemed partially logical, but always had at least one area that would raise concern for me.

After all years of study I could not justify lameness, aggressive trims, over floating by power tools or the removal of necessary structures as part of the rehabilitation process or routine visits. How could this possibly be in the best interest of the horse?

Advanced Whole Horse Dentistry

I then discovered the Advanced Whole Horse Dentisty, an organisation founded by Spencer LaFlure, an Equine Dentist who has studied the equine mouth for over 15yrs and from this has developed the his own paradigm. Everything about it just made sense at last! We decided to attend one of his courses and have never looked back. It's not a 'quick fix' 2/3 week course where you get handed a certificate as you leave the classroom, such a scary thought….

So far we have studied 650 hours - more then a qualified vet, as RCVS dictates that 10-12 hours of dentistry is all that is needed in the 5 years of study, and that is classroom work, not once stepping outside and looking inside a horses mouth. But with Mr LaFlure's course you have to physically certify again every 2 years to make sure that no knew research has come to light and you are still on tip top form. Research is currently being undertaken on his behalf by UC Davies university.

My horses at the time had muscle atrophy, no real top line and were always just being placed at competitions, in various disciplines. Against everyone's negativity I used the very unique paradigm on my horses, with astonishing results – much to everyone's disbelief. I undertook the rigorous theoretical and practical training required to become an AWHD oral biomechanic and now look after my own horses, as well as accumulating 2 large yards of 50 + horses. Many of my friends were astounded at the results and have now asked me to care for their horses too.

I have been a practicing EEBW since 2014 and cover Cumbria, South West Scotland, Northumberland and may travel to Yorkshire, Cheshire and surrounding areas.

Josh covers the farriery side of things and works throughout Cumbria. He also covers the podiatry side and works nationally dependant on yard numbers and demand.

The AWHD is nationally covered by us as we are the only people in the UK using this technique. We currently have international yards in Ireland and Switerland that are wishing us to visit, and we hoping to as soon as we have the opportunity to go. I also have a keen interest in Equine Nutrition and plan to further extend my education to Equine Bowen Therapy/Myofascial release and possible PhD in nutrition but will continue our dentistry, podiatry and bodywork as these are our areas of expertise, and it all will compliment our equine knowledge as a whole.

Jenni Milburn

Jenni & Josh

My name is Jenni and alongside my husband Josh Milburn we achieved our qualification AWHD oral biomechanics in equine dentistry in November 2014. Prior to this I trained as a Equinology EEBW Equine Body Worker, working on soft tissue massage, sports massage, focal point therapy and acupressure. Since then I have gained my BSc (Hons) EqS degree and worked on a variety of horses ranging from racehorses to BE eventers to carriage driving pairs and happy hackers. My partner, Josh, is a Dip WCF farrier, currently studying his Masters Farriery degree. Unlike other farriers he had an open mind in regards to equine podiatry and have attended many workshops and courses held by K C La Pierre, Applied Equine Podiatry.

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